Birthday Parties

Our Packages


Without meals



$445 value
  • Unlimited access to playground
  • Private party room for 2 hours
  • 2 litres of juices
  • One chocolate, vanilla or half and half birthday cake
  • Discount 10% on package if starts at 9:30 or 9:45

for 8 children and 6 adults
$21.00 + tx/ additional child
$9.50 + tx/ additional child (1 - 2 years)
$8 + tx/ additional adult

Reservation request

Bring your own food



$465 value
  • Unlimited access to playground
  • Private party room for 2 hours
  • Bring your own food (without peanuts and no delivery accepted)
  • Outside food must stay in room

for 10 children and 10 adults
$21.00 + tx/ additional child
$9.50 + tx/ additional child (1 - 2 years)
$8 + tx/ additional adult

Reservation request

Table reservation in the lunch box section

  • Unlimited access to playground
  • Reserved table for 2.0 hours
  • General admissions price per person in extra
  • One invoice only by reserved table

Reservation request

EXTRAS (available at the snack bar)


Responsibilities and details

Socks are mandatory
for all

The parent organizer is responsible for:

  • Bringing a guest list with the names of the children and adults
  • The arrival and departure of each guest and helping them in the coat area
  • Supervision and the good behavior of the children

48 hour notice for any change (except cancellation)

Cancellation Policy : click here

Prices are subject to change without notice, except if deposit was made (except lunch box table reservation)

Please note

  • A 40% deposit is required at reservation (see Cancellation Policy)
  • Print your invitation cards from our website or purchase at front desk
  • Includes : candles, unbreakable dishes and glasses, napkins and table cloths (except Elephant package)
  • Outside food and beverage not allowed (except Elephant package and lunch box section)
  • Balloons and pinatas not allowed
  • Socks are mandatory for children and adults

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring our own food?

Yes! We have a lunch box section; the table reservation and the Elephant package lets you bring your own food. No peanuts/nuts or alcohol allowed. The Monkey package already has a cake and jus included, therefore no outside food permitted, you can order at the snack-bar for extra food.

Do we absolutely have to reserve a table for a party?

Preferably yes! Obviously, the tables that are reserved have priority. First come first served on any leftover tables.

Is it possible to have a few extra hours in the private rooms?

Unfortunately, no, especially not in our busy season: October to May. We need to respect the time slots. *The only exception is if you have a lot of guests, in which case, you can reserve 2 packages, one after the other.

How do parents drop off or pick up their kids from a birthday party?

No problem, we will ask you the name of the birthday child, and will give you a pass for 10-15 min. Please take off your shoes before the carpet.

How can we easily transport our food and decorations in the private rooms the day of the birthday?

No problem, Zigzagzoo has multiple trollies available at the front desk to help! Please bring them back to the front desk as soon as you’re done, we need them for the next birthdays.

Do the adults and grandparents have to pay as well?

Yes, every person that comes in to our fun center has to have a bracelet that identifies them. Enjoy your time; we encourage adults to go in the structure and play with the kids!

How do I make the perfect guest lists?

We have an example in the confirmation email that you will receive after the deposit. Please write down the names of all the kids including the birthday child, with their ages on one side (left). Also add the adults and grandparents if staying on the other (right).

Can we decorate the private rooms?

The rooms are already decorated, but yes; please use green painter’s tape, to not damage our walls!

Can we bring decorative balloons?

Yes but, only aluminum balloons are accepted. No rubber or latex balloons are allowed, if they explode, it can become a suffocation hazard for the younger kids. Please use a weight to hold them down, because if the reach the ceiling there is no way to get them back.

Can we give loot bags to our guests?

Yes, but please give them out at the end of your birthday party, and do not let the kids bring the small toys/objects or candies into the structure. We have some loot bags for sale at the front desk!